Johnny Irwin won’t tell his kids he’s dying of terminal cancer

The British TV presenter left viewers ‘heartbroken’ as he opened up about his terminal cancer diagnosis.

Johnny Irwin, 49, has spoken in horrifying detail about what his imminent death means for his wife and three children.

Irwin has been diagnosed with lung cancer and admits that after his death, his children will most likely be raised by someone else.

“Every time something really nice happens to them, this thing knocks on my door and says, ‘Don’t get too excited because you won’t be around anymore,’” he said. Sun.

“Then I guess they won’t remember me, really not.

“They are too young and if I die this year, they will have no memories.

“And someone else is probably going to raise them. I got them the hard yards and somebody else gets the easy beat.”

Irvine is focusing on “making memories” with his wife Jessica and their offspring after being told he only had six months to live after being diagnosed in 2020.

He admits he doesn’t feel “any need” to tell his children Rex, three, and twins Cormac and Rafa, both two, about his tragic diagnosis.

“It was only recently that we thought about when we are going to tell them about it,” he said.

“Because they are so young, but at the moment I am me, albeit a skinnier version.

“I don’t think there’s a need to tell them. I think it would be too much for them to collect their thoughts.”

“In the meantime, let the good times last as long as possible,” Irwin added.

Irvin recently told The Sun that he was fired from his job. A place under the sun after the discovery of his illness.

The production company Freeform responded that in their hope of keeping him on the show, “nothing was left behind”, but insurance proved to be a problem.

“It broke my heart. I don’t think they even fought for me,” Irwin said.

The audience remained very emotional, watching his frank conversation at home.

One of them tweeted: “Oh my god Johnny Irwin lovely kids heartbreaking #GMB.”

The second added: “So sad to hear about Johnny Irwin’s illness. I saw him many times on set in Spain. Lovely man #GMB” while a third continued, “Johnny Irwin is the reason I watch #PlaceintheSun, what a great attitude, his family should be so proud of him sending strength to their #gmb family.”

One then added: “listening to Johnny’s story #gmb” while another added: “wow that was powerful #gmb good luck and give him a job #itv #leicesterlad”.

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Originally published as “I won’t tell my children that I’m dying… they probably won’t remember me”