John Oliver Spotted ‘Deeply Wrong’ Sign That Trump Really Hates His Kids

John Oliver said Donald Trumpthe latest video contains a disclaimer that may reveal a little more than the former president intended.

In the clip, Trump repeats the bragging he did at recent events about helping family farms, including the false claim that he “got rid of the post-mortem tax” on farms (in fact, he risen liberation).

Trump says in his new video that farmers who love their children can leave their farm “and they don’t have to pay taxes.”

Then he went on a strange tangent.

“But if you don’t love your kids that much — and there are people who don’t, and maybe deservedly so — it doesn’t matter because, frankly, you don’t have to leave anything for them,” Trump said. . “Thank you very much, have fun.”

“He still has it,” Oliver retorted. “And by ‘it’ I mean what is so deeply wrong with his brain. Do you know how much you have to hate your children to be distracted by this thought in the middle of a political speech?

The host of “Last Week Tonight” gave a caustic example: “We should have withdrawn troops from the region earlier. Speaking of regretting not coming out sooner: Don Jr.

He noted that the video was filmed with two cameras, and the cutaway shot suggests it was edited.

“They carved something out of it,” he pointed out. “And considering what they kept, I’m dying to know what it was. And then glue the landing at the end with “have fun?” It’s flawless!”

In his longer segment, Oliver addressed the special hell of the timeshare world, especially when people find it almost impossible to avoid many of these contracts.