Joe Biden a ‘lost puppy’ on stage next to King of Jordan

US President Joe Biden has been roasted online after looking like a “lost puppy” on stage next to the King of Jordan.

The meeting between Joe Biden and King Abdullah II on Monday is their first since the deaths of the three US troops in Jordan.

Their meeting comes as the Biden administration continues its talks of a potential hostage release deal with Hamas.

Following the arrival of King Abdulah II, his wife Queen Rania and Crown Prince Hussein, Biden delivered a speech about the ongoing war in Gaza.

During his speech, Biden found the time to joke with the King by saying Barack (Obama) was “watching” him before forgetting the Prince was not on stage with him.

President Biden then spoke about America’s operation in the Gaza city of Rafah before forgetting what he was saying and fumbling his words.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Biden and King Abdullah II will discuss “the ongoing situation in Gaza and efforts to produce an enduring end to the crisis”.