Jimmy Kimmel Drags Ted Cruz’s New Book In Most Fabulous Way

Jimmy Kimmel recruited “RuPaul’s Drag Race” star Trixie Mattel to mockingly promote Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) new book “Unwoke” on Thursday.

Kimmel thought his longtime foe’s new written effort could do with some extra promotion following reports the senator’s campaign spent $150,000 on copies of a previous tome.

Trixie Mattel held a “Drag Queen Storytime” ― the concept of which is a flashpoint in the conservative culture wars ― with some children, who yawned and appeared bored during a passage in which Cruz whined about “woke, Neo-Marxist ideas.”

A fake excerpt explained the real reason Cruz ditched Texas for Cancun amid a deadly winter storm.

“We learned nothing today,” one child said.

Trixie later gave them all copies of “Unwoke” to take home, which they promptly dumped in the trash.

Watch the full video here:

Cruz responded to the clip on X, formerly Twitter.

“Awesome!” he wrote, thanking Kimmel for buying “at least NINE copies of my new book” ― even though they ended up in the bin.