Jimmy Kimmel can’t understand Donald Trump’s latest wild statement

Jimmy Kimmel, fresh out of this year’s Academy Awards, returned to his late-night TV show on Tuesday with an excavation about the former president. Donald Trump.

Kimmel, in particular, said he could not understand Trump’s attempts to find out who was really to blame for the deadly riots at the Capitol, which he provoked on January 1. 6, 2021.

Per Trump, former Vice President Mike Pence is actually responsible for the violence – because he refused to help Trump reverse the results of the 2020 election.

It’s the presidential equivalent of “If the teller had just put the money in the bag, everyone would have made it home safely,” Kimmel said.

“Look, Mike Pence can be blamed for a lot of things… but he didn’t cause Jen. 6. They tried to hang him on Jan. 1. 6,” he added.