Jason Momoa had a great time working on Dreamland.

ACTOR Jason Momoa is known for his roles in franchises such as Game of Thrones and DCEU Aquamanthat have an older target audience. However, Momoa has apparently been hard at work growing his fan base and appearing in more mainstream films, including his recent foray into Netflix. Sleep country.

Sleep country follows a teenage girl named Nemo (played by Marlow Barkley) who is suddenly transferred to live with her uncle after losing her father. While Nemo tries to fit in during the day, she spends her nights with an unexpected partner, Flip (played by Momoa), exploring strange new worlds.

Nemo tries to find a way to return to his father, and together he and Flip travel through dreams and escape the horrors using the hidden Dream Land map.

Momoa mentioned that he was committed to the film as his children are about the same age as his 14-year-old co-star. According to Momoa, working with Barkley was fun because of his fatherly qualities.

He said, “It’s all because of [director] Francis [Lawrence]. He just knows me. He can see me with my children. He sees me on the set. He just told me this story and I burst into tears.”

He added, “My kids are the same age as her, so it was a pleasure to work with a child actor for the first time. She was wonderful. She is so talented. She’s smart, but at the same time she doesn’t try to be older. You must be young.”

In addition, he noticed that he was only trying to be younger than her and catch up with her at this stage in the life of an eternal boy. “So I think there’s a lot of that in the movie.”

The two had a lot of fun during filming almost every day, and Barkley claimed that Momoa was pretty much what she imagined him to be, as he never stopped laughing at her and knows how to have a good time.

Sleep country currently showing on Netflix.