Jake White Takes Blame for Bulls’ Terrible Run

Western Province continued their winning start in the Curry Cup with 41-33 victory over the Bulls Friday night. It was their second victory since defeating the Lions in the opening game last weekend. The Bulls’ search for their first Curry Cup win continues.

Despite the defeat, Bulls Currie Cup coach Edgar Marutlulle was pleased with some aspects of the game, leading at some point in the second half by a score of 33-25.

“I think we played really better rugby for most of the game, we had the ball, we dominated the contact and we went forward.

“Once again in terms of the transition, a couple of oversights and maybe just a glitch in the transition, but I think we have really improved a lot. I think these transitional moments cost us the game today,” said Marutlulle.

No wins in six games

The Bulls are six games unbeaten in all competitions, having last beaten the Exeter Chiefs in January in the Champions Cup and scored 104 points in their first two Curry Cup games.

Bulls rugby director Jake White says he takes responsibility for this terrible run and that he should be held responsible for another loss, not Marutlulle.

“The reason I’m here as director of rugby is because I actually took on this group of players this week. I wanted to use this as an opportunity next week, so it wouldn’t be fair for Edgar to take a negative test,” he said.

– Something went wrong?

“That’s no excuse. I’m trying to be reflective and philosophical about where we are as a band.

“We have dominated as a union for the last three seasons – juniors, seniors, Curry Cup, URC finals – and I think what went wrong?

“The answer for me is this: I was sick in December, and again, that’s no excuse, and I probably got a little out of the band.

“I thought changing bands and teams and giving some guys a vacation last year was too hard for everyone to make backups every week, although it worked when we played on Wednesdays and Saturdays towards the end of the year.

“For the first time as a group, we are probably under pressure, and this pressure is different from what we have experienced before. We just have to make sure we get through this. It doesn’t mean it will change in one week, but we just have to get through it as a union.

“I’m a responsible person and I have to make decisions, and most of the decisions I’ve made over the last couple of years have worked in our favor.”