It took months for Albanese’s main question: Vote “this is not a referendum, this is an IQ test”

Sky News presenter Liz Storer says the Indigenous vote in Parliament “is not a referendum” but an “IQ test” as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese unveiled the wording of the referendum question on Thursday.

“Why did it take you so long — this question is so simple — it took you months, you chatted about it,” Ms Storer said.

“I don’t know what I was expecting other than talking about disappointment.

“I thought this was sensational news for the No campaign, because basically it’s just a question: do you agree that we put this vote in the constitution?

“Again, there is no understanding of what “Voice” is, therefore, in my opinion, this is not a referendum, this is an IQ test, because who will read it.

“Even if they were all excited about the vibe at the time, if they read it deductively and just wait a second, you still haven’t told me what the Voice is.”