Ike Barinholtz Nails What Cancel Culture Complaints are really all about

Actor, comedian and “Celebrity Jeopardy” champion. Hayk Baringolts he is unimpressed by people who complain about the “cancellation of culture” in his work.

“I think when people in comedies talk about cancellation culture, what pisses them off is being called their shit,” he said. told The Hollywood Reporter in an extensive new interview released Thursday. “And by the way, I don’t know of any comedian that has actually been cancelled. [Dave] Chappelle just won a Grammy, Louis C.C. just sold out Madison Square Garden.”

Barinholz said that social media gave voice to people who were marginalized.

“Now if you play a joke on them, they can bring you back and that makes a lot of people angry,” he said.

He told the magazine that there are more “land mines” to watch out for when working on material than before.

“For example, there are certain words that just cross out of your mental lexicon, and I will remind people that this has been going on since time immemorial,” he said. “There were things that people in 1950 said, ‘Can you believe we can’t say what we said in 1920?’ And it’s like, “Well, I can totally believe that.”

Next month, Baringoltz will appear on HBO’s The White House Plumbers and Hulu’s The History of the World Part 2.