Headingham shoots a victim fighting for his life in Raleigh hospital

ROLEY, North Carolina — Lynn Gardner, the only victim still in the hospital after the terrorist attack in October. 13 The Headingham area, where five people died, is getting stronger, family members said.

“Lynn gets stronger every day. Please pray that her medical team can fully wean her off the ventilator,” the family wrote.

Family and friends were by Gardner’s side day and night.

The 60-year-old man underwent jaw surgery on Friday morning and remains in intensive care.

Gardner’s niece was out of town when she heard the news of a mass shooting in her aunt’s neighborhood.

“It’s a really nice area that my kids go through,” said Tasha Moore, who rushed to Raleigh to be by her side. “I saw my aunt and immediately wanted to know what happened.”

Gardner was visiting a neighbor when she was shot in her driveway. She was taken to WakeMed with serious injuries. She has had several surgeries in the past week and is still fighting for her life.

“She’s going to do it,” Moore said.

Her niece says she knows a little.

“She’s looking at me. She knows I’m here. She knows I’m in the room. She knows I’m not going anywhere, so she answers.”

Lynn has a long road to recovery, but she is far from alone.

“I’m processing it. I’m just going to keep the faith, keep praying and tell you what my aunt would say – this too will pass,” Moore said.

No word yet on when Lynn will be released. For now, the focus is only on her recovery. The family thanks everyone for the well wishes.