G20 to introduce COVID vaccine for international travel restrictions

The masters of the world, dictating to us, the scum of the earth, have adopted, under the pretext of a COVID vaccine, means to stop migration and travel the world. This, of course, will further limit global economic growth, and wherever we turn, these people who claim to be world leaders are leading us to a cliff on the other side of 2032.

We were hoping to have the WEC in Dubai where everyone can fly without vaccines – an international face-to-face reunion. These leaders of the world’s largest economies in the Bali G20 drafted and signed a declaration in which 20 countries agreed to accept vaccine passports, with the purported goal of promoting global travel and tourism. In fact, any country that adopts this will have the opposite effect. I resigned myself to never seeing Australia, New Zealand or Europe again. Anything these people can do to destroy the world economy, they are doing

Those who understand what is really happening and that we are on the verge of global defaults after 2024 are unlikely to accept these vaccines. Hence, they are really trying to prevent movements that will overthrow governments. Just like communism collapsed in 1989, our Western economies will collapse, and they cannot prevent it. It will not cause massive civil unrest. People are no longer buying their long-term debt, and when they can’t continue to fund this madness, they’ll go broke on their own. This is not some childish bubble game. We live in the real world.