G-Xchange and NBI will work against scammers

FINANCIAL application Operator GCash G-Xchange Inc. announced a renewed partnership with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) as part of a campaign against scammers and fraudsters.

A statement released last Tuesday said that G-Xchange is “working closely with the NBI to help protect” GCash users from criminals, scammers and scammers. The collaboration led to the arrest of suspected scammers and the blocking of suspicious accounts, the company said.

In addition to strengthening partnerships with authorities, G-Xchange said it is also implementing security features while doubling down on an educational program for its customers.

In March of this year, the company implemented facial recognition technology to protect users from unauthorized account access. Thanks to this feature, even if a user inadvertently provides fraudsters with their mobile personal identification number (PIN) and one-time PIN, their account cannot be accessed from another device without scanning the owner’s face, which ultimately prevents capture, the company says. account.

“[We are] one with the NBI in ensuring that these cybercriminals are punished according to the law by constantly reminding the public how to protect their accounts,” Globe Fintech Innovations Inc. This is stated in a statement by General Counsel Maricor Alvarez-Adriano.

G-Xchange said it will also step up its campaign with a series of information and education materials to help customers identify and avoid fake sellers, suspicious links, and other common forms of scams.

The campaign aims to provide prevention tips to help the public avoid scams.

The firm also reminded users not to open unfamiliar links as G-Xchange stopped sending GCash links via SMS, emails and other messaging apps. G-Xchange said it will also never ask its customers for mobile PINs and one-time PINs and will only contact customers through official channels.

G-Xchange also encourages users to double check online offers as well as reviews to ensure products and items are genuine.