Functional Gingerbread Cameras : gingerbread camera

Gingerbread structures are typically crafted for their festive aesthetic appeal rather than practicality, as the delicate nature of gingerbread and icing presents challenges for their structural integrity, but Canadian photographer Dmitri Tcherbadji successfully created a functional gingerbread camera.

After creating an edible Polaroid SX-70 gingerbread house in 2022, Tcherbadji challenged himself to create a gingerbread camera that shoots with Fujifilm Instax Square instant film and uses a sugar glass lens. This visually striking gingerbread camera can produce real photographs, which are soft in focus and blurred thanks to the unique lens. The inventor of the camera plans to continue capturing photos throughout the holiday season until Christmas Day, when the edible parts of the device will be dismantled and shared among friends.

Image Credit: Dmitri Tcherbadji