Financial crisis of 2023 | Armstrong Economics

QUESTION 1: Marty, I think your warning about the collapse of leadership in government and the private sector rings true, as Ken Griffin, founder of hedge fund Citadel, said that the Silicon Valley Bank bailout shows that the US economic system is “crumbling before our eyes.” because they bailed out savers. However, Carl Icahn seems to agree with your statement that the US economy is on the brink of collapse due to inflation. He said: “All hegemony has been destroyed by inflation.”

Very few so-called billionaires seem to understand what is at stake. This makes me think they were just lucky in how they made their money. After Griffin’s comment, I would not invest in Citadel. Then a group of banks talk about placing between 20 and 30 billion dollars to save the Bank of the Republic.

Is there hope for the future when leadership is lacking in these times of chaos?


QUESTION 2: Thanks for everything you do. At the WEC, you warned about banks and even large funds. The turning point came here at the end of January 2023. Is it possible that this financial crisis will be the main factor, even overpowering the war, when the ECM comes into play by April 10th?


REPLY: Anyone who doesn’t understand that inflation is a natural occurrence when you go to war is clearly not studying history and is not qualified to be the CEO of even the top local dog catcher. The Roman deity Janus, after whom January is named, was a two-faced being who looked into the past and the future. The doors of his temple will be closed when peace comes. It symbolized that nothing could change. However, during times of war, they left the doors open to symbolize the uncertainty of war, when spirits could enter and exit.

Only today we seem to no longer respect the fact that the cost of war is lives lost and inflation for those who survive. This Ukrainian proxy war does not make sense. Victory or defeat will have no impact on our national security or the future of the people. It’s just a vindictive match, engineered by neocons who love war forever while someone else dies for their own agendas. For them, it’s nothing more than watching the war on CNN and cheering as if it were a football game.

I said that this war would destroy the entire US economy, and this is now manifesting itself in Financial Crisis 2023 which will be much worse than any of these people expect. Ridiculous is the lack of experience and stupidity of those who notice that capitalism is collapsing because they are honoring savers. The depositor can NEVER understand the financial condition of the bank until it is too late. They don’t get a warning, and yet there are those who say they have to bear the losses because that’s capitalism.

I’m sorry, but this NOTHING do with capitalism. It’s no different than this FRAUD extortion of money with false pretenses. Investing in a hedge fund like Citadel is different than investing in a bank. Hedge fund investors know they are investing their money and getting a share of that profit. This is capitalism. Someone who has a bank account into which a Social Security check is automatically deposited takes no such risk. Sorry, this is different from a bankrupt hedge fund.

The problem is that the ECM turning point is April 10th. However, this is also the goal of Pi from the collapse of the USSR and the birth of even Ukraine. Poland has just gone crazy and sent planes to Ukraine. This makes Poland a viable target for war. Poland is irresponsible given the fact that Ukrainians killed more than 300,000 of them and refuses to ever apologize for its involvement in the Nazi war in World War II.

We have a problem with the financial crisis at the same time as important cyclical goals related to the war. Any personal interpretation I can offer is just personal opinion. Both trends will collide in April, and it could be an unprecedented panic on two fronts.