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The FIFA World Cup is underway and failures are in the spotlight at the start of the first games of the group stage.

Germany joined Argentina as a first-strike underdog when it lost 2-1 to Japan early Thursday morning.

But Spain didn’t make a mistake, scoring seven goals past Costa Rica to record their biggest ever World Cup win.

The pre-tournament favorite takes the field on day 5, with several popular underdogs also in the game to showcase their skills.

Read on to find out how all the matches of the fourth day in Qatar play out.

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20:10 (AEDT) – Canadian coach swears

Canada lost to Belgium in the opening match of the World Cup, but an impressive performance against the second-ranked country by FIFA inspired coach John Hardman.

Playing in their first World Cup in 36 years, the Canadians fell 1–0 to the European club but dominated the game with 21 shots on goal to nine to prevail in the battle for territory.

Hardman was so impressed that he gathered his troops on the field after the final whistle and delivered a pep talk in which he reportedly said, “I just told them they belong here. And we’re going to go and ‘F’ Croatia next. It’s that simple.”

Herdman said he couldn’t blame Canada for the effort, but acknowledged they missed a chance to add to a growing list of early setbacks in Qatar.

“I’m proud of the performance,” Herdman said.

“But in the first game you need to score three points. Today we had the opportunity to become the leader of the group, it was a mission, and we missed it.

“But I am proud of the performance. These guys have shown that they can live on this stage and I think they made the fans proud and made them feel like they belong here.”

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