F1 2023: Las Vegas brothel’s racy offer for F1 drivers, free sex, Chicken Ranch

The F1 world has already descended on Las Vegas for the first Grand Prix in the city since 1982 and drivers are being offered everything the city has to offer — and we mean everything.

The old cliche of “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is often used for a reason as there are something things you can only do in the state of Nevada.

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One thing legal only in certain parts of Nevada, and nowhere else in the rest of the US, is prostitution.

While it’s not legal in Clark County, which houses Las Vegas, right on the border of the neighbouring Nye County is the Chicken Ranch brothel.

Although it’s about 100km west of Vegas, a pair of sex workers are promising to make it worth the drivers’ while to make the trip — promising drivers free sex ahead of the race.

TMZ Sports reported that licensed sex workers Addison Gray and Alice Little had extended the offer to the entire grid.

“It’s Formula 1 fever in Las Vegas this month and we’re all psyched up for the big event,” Little said.
“Any driver that wants to get their hearts racing and celebrate the F1 with me and Addison will be treated to 100 per cent complimentary coitus.”

The pair have also offered F1 fans making the trip a 50 per cent discount.

“Our discount will help Vegas visitors and residents blow off some steam with a couple of generous ladies so that they can chill out during race week,” Little said.

“Everyone who made F1 in Vegas possible deserves a break, and we’re here to provide some well-oiled appreciation.”

Gray added that the F1 had been lacking something since getting rid of grid girls, which the F1 stopped using in 2018.

“Since Formula 1 banned their fabulous grid girls in 2018, the events have been overwhelmingly lacking in much-needed sex appeal,” Gray said.

“Our discount isn’t just a gesture of love for F1; it’s an invitation for fans to revel in an experience where sex appeal is celebrated, not sidelined. Because in our world, glamour isn’t forbidden; it’s the star of the show.”

It’s a wild offer but unsurprising as F1 has taken over the city.

The famous Bellagio fountains have been switched off and the strip has seen streets closed.

But University of Nevada, Las Vegas history professor Michael Green said it would be worth it.

“This is a different kind of big event,” Green told Fortune.

“We’re talking about billionaires from around the world. They’re going to bring in a ton of money. They’re not necessarily the usual tourist.”

The event is believe to be set to bring in around $US1 billion to the local economy.

Originally published as ‘Complimentary coitus’: Vegas brothel’s racy offer for F1 drivers