Elon Musk News: Elon Musk Calls Struggling San Francisco ‘The Walking Dead’ City

As Silicon Valley considers a “doom loop” scenario amid tech layoffs and office closures due to remote work, Elon Musk on Sunday said it was literally possible to film an episode of The Walking Dead without editing in downtown San Francisco.

Musk commented on the situation after American business columnist and writer Ashley Vance said the city had become “shameless.”

“Walked 20 minutes down Market Street with a friend who remarked ‘I’ve never seen anything like this’ as he kept turning his head. I love fantasy. What the city has become is simply shameless, Vance tweeted about it.

“Multiple pockets of 20 to 30 people, everyone is crazy. Some of them barely put on their pants. Zombie. The walking Dead. The police are watching from a distance of 100 feet,” Vance added.

Musk reacted by saying “Here’s where”Politics of San Francisco leads and Twitter exported this self-destructive thought virus to the world.”

“With a few exceptions, other tech companies are still doing the same thing. Evil disguised as good,” the Twitter CEO added.

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A Twitter follower asked Musk, “How worried is it that Open AI Does this policy lay the foundation for machine intelligence?” Musk responded: “Extremely unsettling considering this is leading to a dystopian future – just walk around downtown San Francisco to see what happens.”

The once bustling city of San Francisco is reportedly facing countless challenges amid an ongoing tech crisis.

“Workers remain largely remote, office space vacant, businesses closing, public transportation drastically reduced or even going bankrupt, making life even harder for low- and mid-wage workers who keep restaurants and small businesses open, leading to severe budget shortfalls. tax revenues that jeopardize numerous city services, cause mass layoffs of city workers, and rip apart social safety nets, causing more people to leave,” the San Francisco Chronicle said in a report.

The city authorities and business groups recognize the possibility of developing a no-win scenario.

This is a scenario in which “one negative development causes another negative development, which then exacerbates the first problem. Vicious circle”.

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