Electric vehicles: Mosmany residents warned of dangerous practice of charging electric vehicles due to lack of charging stations

The City of Sydney has warned residents not to run a power cord down the street to charge their electric vehicles.

This comes after several reports of residents running dangerous extension cords from their homes to the street through trees and walkways.

In one case, a resident hooked a power cord through a tree above public land to charge his electric car.

Mosman Council was forced to issue a public warning urging residents to use three public fast-charging stations in the suburbs instead.

“Connecting power to a vehicle using this method is potentially unsafe for the public,” a Mosman council spokesman said. Daily Telegraph.

Sydney residents have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the bizarre charging methods.

Some were concerned about the safety of local residents who could potentially trip over the cords.

“Still looking forward to the first major slip and trip injury lawsuit against council for permission to run cables on all footpaths,” they wrote.

Other commentators noted the lack of electric vehicle charging stations throughout the city.

“Who would have thought… No infrastructure. But the race for expensive disposable vehicles… Now it’s moving forward,” wrote one user.

Another user replied: “Just bad planning on the part of the owner of the electric car. I have an external outlet.

“If you had such leads at a construction site, you would be kicked out of the site,” one user joked.

A spokesman for the New South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said that not using an approved charging system would increase the risk of fire in homes.

Originally published as Sydney council warns residents against dangerous risk when charging electric vehicles