Early voting in New South Wales opens today as state elections approach

The first votes in the New South Wales elections will be cast on Saturday, a week before the official election that will determine who will govern Australia’s largest state for the next four years.

Over the next crucial week, residents across the state will narrow down their decision on whether to vote for the 12-year coalition government led by Dominic Perrotte or the Labor opposition led by Chris Minns. Or cast your vote for a minor party or an independent.

Many voters may want to skip the “Democratic sausage” and the lines on Election Day March 25 and decide to head to the early voting center that opens on Saturday, March 18.

Voters are eligible to vote early if they are traveling out of state on Election Day, are seriously ill, are working on Election Day, or believe that attending a polling station on Election Day would, among other things, impair their safety.

Although polling places are usually located in public schools, churches and public buildings, not all of them are open to early voting.

Available statewide advance voting locations are listed below.

Election day voting must take place between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, however, some early voting stations may have different opening hours.

Mr Perrotte is running for a historic fourth term for the NSW Coalition.

He has been the state’s premier for just over a year since Gladys Berejiklian resigned due to an ongoing ICAC investigation.

For Mr Minns to lead Labor to a long-awaited victory, the party must retain its current 38 seats and add nine more to be able to govern with a majority government.

However, Mr Minns believes the party can come to power in a minority government with just five members.

Originally published as Early voting opens today for eligible New South Wales residents