Dyson Zone air-purifying headphones released but not yet in Australia

Dyson has revealed fresh details about its most controversial product to date, noise-canceling headphones that purify the air while you breathe.

Scheduled for release in January in China and March in the US, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore, Dyson Zone is the British tech firm’s first foray into audio.

But it is not yet reported when the Australians will be able to get their hands on such a sought-after gadget.

Unlike any other headphone on the market, it also contains a technology that Dyson has mastered – the art of air purification.

It promises to bring “full spectrum” music to your ears as the “removable visor” with the brand’s premium carbon filters sucks in tiny pollutants from the air around you.

But while the five-year-old product may be one of Dyson’s most anticipated launches, many aren’t convinced.

After announcing its upcoming launch earlier in the year, customers around the world declared the currently unpriced product to be “ridiculous”, “beardy”, and “wacky”..

However, Dyson has shrugged off the criticism in its latest announcement, which gives consumers the full specs of this fancy looking gadget.

As with everything Dyson, there’s a lot of information available, but here’s everything you need to know about the world’s first “air-purifying headphones.”

Battery life: You get a whopping 50 hours of charge on these noise-canceling headphones, which is about the same as being able to fly around the world twice. However, if you turn on air purification, this time is reduced to 4 hours. Charging takes 3 hours and is done via USB-C.

Advanced Noise Reduction: There are 11 microphones inside this contraption, and eight of them are used to reduce external sounds around you by as much as 38 dB. This sounds perfect for those days when you have to go to the office.

Authentic Full Spectrum Sound: Sure, you may sound a bit like an extra from a sci-fi movie, but Dyson Zone claims they have next-level audio quality that ensures “every note or word gets heard.”

Crazy Scientific Facts: These portable in-ear headphones are “scientifically tuned to hear more detail” with a unique equalizer setting that optimizes the frequency curve for clear, pure sound. Exquisite.

Take this call: As you’d expect from headphones, you can take and receive calls through this headset, but Dyson thinks it’s “super clear” for those bad guys thanks to its dual-mic beamforming and noise-canceling technology. It also makes audio recording nice and clear, which is sure to please Generation Z who love voice memos.

Air filtering on the go: This is a feature we didn’t know our headphones needed and works by attaching a detachable visor that directs purified air towards the wearer’s nose and mouth. The filters remove contaminants as small as 0.1 microns.

Why did Dyson create this extraordinary product?

If you’ve come this far and are still scratching your head wondering why anyone would want this futuristic creation, Dyson said it was created in response to the “global pollution problem.”

“Air pollution is a global problem,” the brand said in a statement.

“99 percent of the world’s population lives in areas that exceed World Health Organization (WHO) safe pollution levels.

“Noise pollution is also a problem.”

The scientific explanation failed to appease some critics, with some stating that anyone wearing the Dyzon Zone would look “ridiculous”.

However, many welcomed the invention, including in the tourism and automotive industries.

“I know that the Dyson Zone seems incredibly stupid to most people. However, for those who work in the automotive industry, like me, this is amazing, ”one of them wrote on Twitter.

“The Dyson Zone Air Purifying Headphones sound like genius, but I’d like to experience the benefits before I invest,” added another.

Originally published as Dyson Zone: Everything you need to know about the controversial air-purifying headphones