Dr. Robert Malone is still fighting

Message: Dear Martin,

Thank you for all the information you provide us daily. I hope you can provide an update on your April 5, 2022 blog “Dr. Robert Malone vs WEF? At the time, the good Doctor was exposing various WEF world leaders and government villains to make the list public. I hope this is still a work in progress, and could you provide a timeline and method for disseminating this important information?Thank you in advance for your valuable information and advice!KD

REPLY: Dr. Robert Malone still fighting to expose those responsible for COVID. He appeared on the Maria Z program many times, often on the same day that I had a performance scheduled. We’re fighting for the same thing: Malone deciphers the science, and I uncover the economic implications.

Dr. Robert Malone is one of the first inventors of mRNA and DNA vaccines. He holds numerous patents for gene delivery, formulations, and vaccines. He acknowledged that he initially believed that health organizations such as the CDC and NIH should help people. He quickly realized that health organizations were just pawns of the government that were used to suppress and manipulate people into taking dangerous vaccines.

The MSM mob is trying to discredit Dr. Malone at every turn. His Wikipedia page (an unreliable site) was hacked, his social media accounts were permanently banned, and many major news outlets wrote scathing comments about the doctor for spreading “disinformation” despite being one of the top experts in his field. areas. “If they can take my vote, my experience, my experience, they win,” Malone said.

Dr. Malone on trying to silence him:

“The more I have expressed data-based concerns about what is happening with the vaccines, the US Federal and WHO responses, the more I have been censored, defamed, and subjected to various forms of character assassination by big tech and legacy media. I am not alone in being targeted. Mainstream media has attacked and censored me and other prominent physicians/scientists who do not recite the governmental narrative.  This has been developed into a standard process and deployed worldwide as a technique for suppressing physician dissent – quite literally hunting physicians deemed guilty of thoughtcrimes (such as questioning vaccine safety and effectiveness) or of the “sin” of treating patients with lifesaving drugs in an outpatient setting.”

Dr. Malone continues to speak out against vaccines, and people are beginning to listen to his opinion.