Don’t underestimate Donald Trump when the real battle begins

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis could be a brilliant president, but he shouldn’t underestimate Donald Trump “when the real fight begins,” says writer and former Conservative MP Lord Archer.

Former US President Donald Trump officially launched his 2024 presidential campaign on November 15.

His main challenger in the Republican primary is Governor DeSantis, who ran a very successful midterm campaign in Florida.

Trump is currently leading Mr. DeSantis in the 2024 primary, but the recently re-elected governor of the Sunshine State has not said if he will run for president.

“Everything I’ve seen about him (DeSantis) I like, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be there on the last day,” Lord Archer told Sky News Australia anchor Piers Morgan.

“What happens when the real battle starts? Don’t underestimate Trump.”