Discover Moringalicious

WHILE the grand unveiling of Moringalicious has come to a triumphant end, the celebration continues with an exclusive post-event special offer that is too enticing to miss.

Renowned cookbook author Mohana Gill took us on a remarkable culinary journey that explored the incredible health benefits of the moringa oleifera tree. Moringalicious, the culmination of a lifelong passion for promoting health and wellness, promises to be the pinnacle of Gill’s illustrious career.

The book not only presents over 60 easy-to-follow, wholesome recipes inspired by diverse global cuisines but also pays tribute to her deep-seated personal connection with the superfood moringa.

Gill’s culinary journey began in pre-Woeld War Two Myanmar, where moringa was a staple at her family’s dinner table. Her magical childhood encounters with this remarkable ingredient ignited a lifelong fascination with its goodness, which she has now shared in this definitive guide.

This is a fantastic opportunity to delve into Mohana’s international flair, as Moringalicious showcases recipes from various culinary traditions, including Malaysian, Filipino, Italian, French, Kerala and Myanmarese cuisines.

From tantalising appetisers to hearty main courses and scrumptious desserts, these recipes are suitable for the entire family and all occasions. Furthermore, Moringalicious is not just a cookbook, it is a comprehensive guide to harnessing the full potential of the moringa plant.

The book offers a wealth of knowledge about integrating its benefits into daily habits, creative ways of introducing moringa into children’s diets and even tips on pet nutrition.

If you are wondering whether this book is worth your investment, let us remind you that Gill is a culinary expert who has received numerous accolades, including the prestigious “Best in the World” title at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards — an honour she has achieved not just once but an astounding eight times.

This exclusive post-event special offer is your chance to embrace the goodness of moringa and embark on your own journey towards health and wellness. As Gill herself said, “Moringalicious is more than just a cookbook — it is Malaysia’s gift to the world.”

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