Digitally Enabled CD Players : portable cd player

Chinese company MoonDrop is well and truly dipping into the well of nostalgia with the launch of the ‘DiscDream,’ a stylish portable CD player that is different from its past-generation predecessors due to the fact that it is also more than capable of playing digital audio.

The ‘DiscDream’ is a portable CD player that is capable of playing mp3, WMA, OGG and FLAC file formats via microSD card. The device is fitted with a high-tech analog amplifier that works in conjunction with most headphones, while it offers up to 10 hours of listening per full charge of its 3,500 -mAh battery.

By offering a combination of CD-playing capability and digital audio compatibility, MoonDrop is merging old and new in a manner that will appeal to audiophiles who appreciate the blend of nostalgia and contemporary audio tech.

Image Credit: MoonDrop