Daniel Andrews’ golf furore takes dramatic turn as National Golf Club row heats up

Dan Andrews is facing a golf club lock out with drama erupting at another prestigious course.

The former Victorian Premier was last week embroiled in a backlash over his potential membership application to join the Portsea Golf Club on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

Radio shock jock Steve Price threatened to “tear up” his membership if Andrews was approved for membership.

There has now been another twist with members from a second course taking action to block Andrews from any potential attempt to join the club.

As first reported by The Herald Sun, a letter has been sent to the prestigious National Golf Club on Mornington Peninsula calling for Andrews to be denied membership.

The letter claims to have support from 100 members.

“I seek assurances for myself and fellow members that should Daniel Andrews express interest in joining the National Golf Club that his application would undergo the standard membership approval process,” the letter says.

“This includes the crucial step … which specifies that the candidate’s name be posted on the notice board for a 21-day period upon receipt of the membership application.

“It is imperative that any potential member, including Mr Andrews, aligns with the fundamental values of our golf club – demonstrating good character, sociability, and a genuine interest in meeting and befriending fellow members.

“Regrettably, it is noted that Mr Andrews lacks these qualities, and his inability to recall scores for each hole due to poor memory further underscores concerns about his compatibility with our club.”

Andrews has visited the club as a guest of friend and confidante, property baron Max Beck, since stepping down from his office in September.

According to the report, Andrews caused a stir with members when playing a round on the morning of the AFL Grand Final — at a time when members are usually not allowed on the course.

It has been a turbulent month for Andrews — especially considering spending more time on the golf course was one of the things he mentioned when asked about what he will do next.

“In terms of what I would do next, I’ll have a bit of time off and spend some time with Cath and the kids, play bit of golf and read the pile of books that are sitting on the corner that have not been read,” Andrews said.

Former professional golfer Mark Allen predicted last week that other clubs along the Mornington Peninsula were considering a similar response to Andrews — his prediction has proven to be true.

“To the point where not only members from Portsea but members from other clubs were saying that if he’s trying to join anywhere down here, they just will not let him join,” he said on 3AW.

The anger was in part, due to the state’s restrictions on golf during the pandemic.

“Remember one side of the peninsula they were able to play (golf) and get around, the other side of the peninsula, they were not allowed to play,” Mr Allen added.

During Covid, golf enthusiasts in the metropolitan Melbourne area and parts of the Mornington Peninsula were banned from the fairways and greens – a rule that was only mirrored by the Northern Territory.

While clubs were allowed to re-open from September 2021, toilets were forced to remain closed, earning the ire of enthusiasts.

Price earlier gave Andrews a piece of his mind.

“This is the premier who stopped us playing golf for two years during Covid,” Price told Sky News Australia.

“This is the premier who locked down this community even though we’re 120km out of the city.

“The same premier who let people on the other side of the bay play golf. No way that should that man come into the golf club.”

Originally published as Daniel Andrews’ golf furore takes dramatic turn as club row heats up