Cricket 2023: Australia vs India Live Third Test Results & Updates: Michael Clarke Calls for Usman Khawaja to be Replaced

Welcome to live coverage of the third day of the Third Test between Australia and India at Indore.

Australia is on the cusp of a historic Test win on Indian soil, the first in six years, after Nathan Lyon won 8-64 in the second inning in India to beat India 163.

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This means that Australia only needs 76 runs to secure a third Test win, despite the low result, the nerves in the Australian camp will be on the rise thanks to rapidly collapsing pitch.

The game is not expected to last past lunchtime, meaning the first two hours could be a wild ride for those watching.

15:45 – Travis Head exploded

The Australian rookie relaxed his shoulders and went after Ravi Ashwin, scoring 12 runs in three innings.

It all started with a four through the leg to the side, and then brilliantly ran two back to back. Head then resolutely sent the ball into the stands for a long time as the total number of runs required fell to 50.

The next time, he continued his intention by hitting Jadeya over the head and getting four, showing that he wanted to finish it quickly.

15:30 – Indians burn review in horror

Those close to the bat were supremely certain that Marnus Labushchang had hit the ball with either the bat or the glove as it flew into Virat Kohli’s hands on a foot slip.

Joel Wilson wasn’t convinced, but Indian skipper Rohit Sharma sent him upstairs only to have replays show the ball didn’t come close to Labushan’s bat or glove. It just bounced off his pillow.

15:20 – Four overs behind us and we’re nervous.

This is going to be the most nerve-wracking chase ever. The first four overs from Ashwin and Jadeya were accurate for India.

Travis Head and Marnus Labuschange have both been beaten on the outside as fans from all over the world sit on the edge of their seats.

15:05 – Nightmare start for Australia

It only took two deliveries and the first wicket fell when Usman Khawaja was sent off by Ravi Ashwin.

The slightest flaw was found on the UltraEdge when Khawaja burned the review after it was given away.

2:30 p.m. — Michael Clark calls for Khawaja to be replaced

Former Aussie Test captain Michael Clarke made a sensational call to replace Usman Khawaj at the top of the Aussie rankings.

Clarke put forward a plan Friday morning to further piss off the Indian bowlers by having them play in partnerships that include a right-handed and a left-handed batter.

Clarke told Sky Sports Radio that the catastrophic conditions on the field would make it even more important for Australian batters to break the rhythm of the Indian spin attack.

“I very rarely like to do this, but I believe that in this inning I would move left and right all the way,” Clark said.

“So I would consider not opening the fight with Travis Head and Usman Khawaja. For example, I would consider trading Marnus for Khawaj.

“I would probably leave Travis Head open and then trade Khawaja for Marnus.

“They will open quickly and spinning, so it won’t matter much. Marnus doesn’t care. I don’t really think it gets too funky. I actually think all you’re trying to do is make it a little harder for the bowlers.

“It’s just tiny little things to give you a little more chance.”

14:00 – Steve Smith exploits a little-known DRS loophole:

The big turning point on Day 2 came when Steve Smith caught a brilliant one-handed foot slide to dismiss dangerous man Cheteswar Pujara and turn the match in Australia’s favour.

Smith, who replaces Pat Cummins as captain, was furious on the pitch as he used a little-known rule to actually give Australia more DRS reviews than usual.

Wicket-keeper Alex Carey knocked down the handrails after the spinner hit the outside edge of the bat, forcing the third official to check the delivery for a stump.

As part of their trial, the third referee also checked to see if the batter was behind.

Smith and Carey deliberately used this ploy on several occasions, meaning that Australia received more than their official number of three DRS reviews.

Sharp-eyed cricket fans have noticed that Smith is skillfully exploiting a loophole in the DRS, with some arguing that this will prompt the ICC to tighten up the rules regarding DRS and third referee checks.

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