Credit Score Dating Apps : Score dating app

Finances are often cited as one of the top reasons couples fight and/or break up, so the Score dating app is here to help consumers find a mate that matches their own good financial habits. Developed by the Neon Money Club financial platform, the dating app requires users to have a credit score of at least 675 and is intended to take the conversation about money in dating head on. The app will reportedly not use a credit tier basis, which means that all users will have access to one another on a swiping-style basis to gauge interest.

Co-Founder and CEO of Neon Money Club Luke Bailey spoke on the Score dating app to TechCrunch saying, “We need to take the conversation to areas where finance isn’t traditionally discussed. Before you can educate people, you need to get their attention. With Score, we’re bringing the conversation to dating.”

Image Credit: Neon Money Club