Creative Professional tablet models: ViewSonic graphics tablets

These new ViewSonic graphics tablets are being launched as a series of devices for creative professionals to incorporate into their workflow to boost productivity and more. Solutions include ViewSonic ID1230 12-inch pen display, ViewSonic PF1020 10-inch pen tablet and ViewSonic PF720 7-inch pen tablet, which weigh 600 grams, 380 grams and 190 grams respectively. Each of the models has 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, allowing them to work well with a variety of digital projects and work with analog styluses to avoid battery life issues.

General Manager of Electromagnetics, Sensors and Certification Business George Lee commented on ViewSonic’s new pen tablets, saying, “As creators adapt their lifestyles and create new ways to create, they demand more from their tools: mesmerizing colors, intuitive pen control, and the freedom to work from anywhere. places. Our brand new interactive displays are the key to unleashing creativity on a whole new level.”