Covid numbers are on the rise across Australia, a warning sign ahead of winter

Just a few days before the start of winter, Covid rates in the country are starting to rise again.

Cooler weather is a better time for the spread of both Covid and flu, and despite a strong focus on doing the right thing – stay home when symptoms appear and get vaccinated – Covid cases have risen across Australia.

In the past seven days, 41,188 cases have been detected – up 7.7% from the previous week – in New South Wales alone 14,409 cases.

In the state, the number of cases increased by 864 compared to the previous week, and 69 people died from the disease in the week ended May 26.

Positive tests jumped 15 percent in Victoria, where there were 10,642 cases and nine deaths.

The number of cases in South Australia rose 28 percent to 4,012, up 1,338 from a week earlier.

Queensland saw a more moderate increase of 8 percent, with the average number of cases per day reaching 757.

Western Australia also reported a small spike in cases from 4,092 to 4,486 and 30 deaths in the last week.

The Northern Territory has recorded 203 new cases in the past seven days, while Tasmania has 1,252.

Experts continue to warn that the best protection against respiratory disease is vaccination.

NSW Health Minister Ryan Park and Chief Medical Officer Kerry Chant on Thursday renewed calls for people to get flu and Covid shots before winter hits.

“It is absolutely important that people understand that Covid is still around,” Mr Park said.

“The reality is that Covid is still walking through our community.”

Dr. Chant stressed the importance of anyone with flu or Covid symptoms staying at home and reducing the risk of transmitting the virus to those who are vulnerable.

“Please don’t spread your germs. Even if you have a negative rapid antigen test, just stay at home,” she said.

“Please just take the simple measures that we have put in place over the past few years that we have learned so well as a community.”

Hospitalizations in Victoria are on the rise, with admissions up 23 percent in the previous seven days to 415 patients.

The Victorian Department of Health said on Friday that 4.2 million people in the state are eligible for booster shots but have not yet applied for it.

“Recent case reports have particularly increased among school-age children, as is the case with other respiratory viruses such as influenza,” the Chief Public Health Officer said in a statement.

“Protecting yourself from infection is the best way to protect yourself and society. If you don’t get Covid, you can’t spread Covid.”

Australians are advised to remember six steps to avoid infection.

– wear a mask

– Revaccinate

– Let in fresh air

– Get tested if symptoms appear

– Stay home if you test positive for Covid.

– Talk to a doctor

Originally published as Covid numbers are on the rise across Australia, a warning sign ahead of winter