Corporate Equality Index 2023 – New Woke Credit Rating Criteria

(old rankings above are considered not inclusive enough)

I mentioned that the Corporate Equality Index (CEI) is the reason companies are waking up. This is an imaginary social credit rating based on the company’s compliance with WOKE policies. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the major international political lobbying group that determines the CEI ranking, has 39 million employees worldwide. George Soros and the Open Society Foundation directly funds HRC.

2023 Corporate Equality Index toolkit has a points system for different wake up policies. The new policy expanded this wake-up policy and made it harder for companies to work outside of a far-left narrative. For example, marital and partner benefits can earn a company up to 20 possible points. An employee does not need to be legally married for their partner “regardless of gender” to receive benefits, including surrogacy benefits, expensive IVF treatment, foster care, cryopreservation, and adoption assistance.

Transgender-friendly health benefits (25 possible items) entail a whole page of requirements, including puberty blockers and hormone therapy for minorsand change-of-purpose reconstructive surgery (including reconstructive surgery of the chest, breast, and genitals). Employers “MUST” offer these procedures to all employees. They must also offer at least five of the 10 “essential services,” including travel expenses, windpipe shaving, facial feminization surgery, voice change surgery, voice therapy, and hair removal surgery.

Outreach to the broader LGBTQ+ community is worth 15 points, which means that companies must show that they are either trying to hire more gay employees, working with gay-friendly third parties, providing charitable support to at least one LGBTQ+ organization, etc. e. This criterion forces businesses to recruit other businesses to participate in the awakening program. Forget qualifications! As long as they are part of the gay community, they get hired.

The criteria for earning 100 CEI points have skyrocketed in just one year. Religious organizations or employers are demonized for being true to their values. Are we really making employers pay for breast augmentation and voice therapy? Most worryingly, employers must now provide “sex-confirming care” procedures to the CHILDREN of their employees. If you look around, almost every business is following this program as the CEI Social Credit Score has become as important as the ESG Social Credit Score.

Fast Corporate Equality Index 2023 – New Woke Credit Rating Criteria first appeared on Armstrong Economics.