Cordless Scrubber Dryers : Cordless Scrubber Dryers

Xiaomi has launched the MIJIA Wireless Floor Scrubber 2 Lite which offers simultaneous cleaning solutions including suction, mopping and mopping. In terms of specifications, the floor scrubber is equipped with a built-in 4000 mAh battery that can provide up to 40 minutes of use. It also has a clean water tank up to 80 ml and a waste water tank up to 550 ml.

The scrubber drier is equipped with an efficient water treatment system that can be charged automatically. The roller brush has self-cleaning ability, and the scrubber itself can clean the entire floor area sequentially with its dirt sensor, which can monitor the level of dirt on the ground and switch to the appropriate suction power. The scrubber is available for $1,999 CNY but is now offered at a discounted price of $1,749 CNY.

Image Credit: Xiaomi