Compact Edge AI Servers : unigen corporation

Unigen Corporation introduces ‘Cupcake,’ a new Edge AI hardware solution for Visual Security computing purposes. ‘Cupcake’ is a low-latency, low-power Machine Learning and Inference AI server. Not only does it utilize I/O interfaces to record and process video and various signals through Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) ports, but it also uses Neutral Networks from ISV providers to ensure its adaptability in different applications.

Upon its debut, Unigen has officially unveiled collaborations with prominent AI enterprises, notably, Blaize, Hailo, Degirum, and MemryX.

The flagship product, ‘Cupcake,’ is a compact, fanless design housed within a ruggedized enclosure. This intelligently crafted innovation is particularly tailored to cater to environments like secure edifices, transportation networks, warehouses, and public arenas, as these typically require more security measures than other businesses.

Image Credit: Unigen Corporation