Cometh the hour… cometh Queen Camilla

It’s been a long road for Queen Camilla, the “other woman” transformed into grand mater familias, who this week stepped up as the public face of Windsor while the other royals are indisposed. The King is undertaking treatment for cancer and is on rest from public duties for the time being; his son and heir Prince William is picking up some duties but is also attending to the Princess of Wales and his family while she recovers from abdominal surgery. Prince Harry, who this week made a splashy visit to see his father, is still deplatformed, or self-exiled, from any role in the royal programme. Prince Andrew is disgraced and trotting horses around Windsor. Princess Anne is already working at full tilt.

While the Windsors are ailing, recuperating, or simply recused from fulfilling any public duties, it has fallen on the redoubtable Camilla, 76, to take on more. The last two weeks have already seen her hosting a literary event at Windsor Castle, visiting a new cancer centre in London and declaring a latent interest in tap-dancing in her “dotage” while on a trip to Cambridge with Johannes Radebe, of Strictly Come Dancing fame.