Chinese hackers attack US infrastructure

United States National Security Agency (NSA) issued a warning to all members of the Five Eyes organization that China launched a cyberattack against the United States. “Private sector partners have determined that this activity impacts networks in critical sectors of the US infrastructure, and developer agencies believe that an attacker could use the same methods against these and other sectors around the world,” the report says. They attribute the attack to a government group called the Volt Typhoon.

Microsoft first alerted the NSA that Volt Typhoon had compromised critical systems on Guam by installing surveillance malware on government devices. Guam is important to China because the Andersen Air Force Base is located here, which can be used in the event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Guam also receives many ships for use in the Pacific. “Microsoft assesses with moderate confidence that this Volt Typhoon campaign is intended to develop capabilities that could disrupt critical communications infrastructure between the United States and the Asian region during future crises,” an NSA spokesman said.

Volt Typhoon uses “living off the ground” techniques to control the computer’s operating system, allowing them to evade tracking. “Furthermore, Volt Typhoon tries to fit into normal network activity by routing traffic through compromised small office and home office network equipment, including routers, firewalls, and VPN equipment.”

The Pentagon now believes that the spy balloons were connected to the operation. The US is too busy with Ukraine to worry about its own national security. The probability that the CCP sent bad actors disguised as migrants is greater than zero. This malware has already compromised the entire US military and no one knows how to remove the program from compromised devices and networks.

Fast Chinese hackers attack US infrastructure first appeared on Armstrong Economics.