China’s Guidelines for Combating Online Abuse: China Releases Draft Guidelines for Combating Internet Abuse

China Gathers Public Opinion on Draft Punishment Guidelines online abuseauthorities said on Friday as concerns grow cyberbullying and attacks that have particularly targeted women and children in the world’s largest online community.

The guidelines were developed jointly by authorities, including the Ministry of Public Security and the Supreme People’s Court, in response to the danger that online abuse poses to public order and the rights of individuals.

Cyberviolence includes activities such as distribution online rumorsinsults and doxing and in some cases, depending on the severity, the authorities will criminalize such acts, according to the draft guidelines.

According to them, the Chinese police should immediately help the victims of cyber violence if they file a case. The deadline for comment is June 25, they added.

Recent incidents reported by Chinese media have sparked a public debate about doxing, a term used to describe a person’s personal information being posted online without their consent, and how such incidents should be dealt with.

In one recent case, the media blamed the suicide of a young mother in the central city of Wuhan on social media criticism of her behavior following the death of her six-year-old son, who was hit by a teacher’s car at a school. compound. .

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According to media reports, she jumped from a high-rise building about 10 days later, on June 2.

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