Chicago White Sox pitcher Liam Hendrix has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.


Chicago White Sox pitcher Liam Hendrix has revealed he has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

In an Instagram post on SundayThe 33-year-old man expressed his determination to fight the disease – cancer of the lymphatic system.

“As a professional athlete, I have always tried to use my position in the public eye for the most positive purposes, shedding light on causes or problems that concern me, my wife and my family. Hendrix said.

“The word ‘cancer’ came as a shock to my wife and me, as it does to millions of families every year. However, I am determined to take the fight and overcome this new challenge with the same determination that I have faced other obstacles in my life,” he said.

Hendrix said his treatment will begin on Monday and that he is “confident” of a full recovery.

The White Sox backed the Australian pitcher.

“Our thoughts and reactions at this time are about Liam as a person, not Liam as a baseball player,” White Sox General Manager Rick Hahn. says in the statement.

“I know the entire Chicago White Sox organization, our staff, his teammates and, of course, the White Sox fans will rally behind Liam and Christie in the coming months.

“Knowing all the participants, especially Liam, we hope that he will again play for the White Sox as soon as the opportunity arises. In the meantime, we will all do our best to support our teammate and his family as they face this challenge, as well as respect their privacy,” Khan said.

Hendrix played for the Minnesota Twins, Kansas City Royals, Toronto Blue Jays, Oakland Athletics, and the White Sox for 12 seasons. He has a career 3.81 ERA, 724 strikeouts and 115 saves.