Chaos and secret order in everything

The economy is ONLY a field in which cycles are prohibited. Moreover, people do not even understand how COMPLEXITY appears Alan Turing was a brilliant mathematician who is probably the father of computers, because he actually built the first computer that cracked the German Enigma machine. That man was Alan Turing. He invented the computer and cracked the German Enigma code. you can watch the movie The imitation game get a general idea of ​​his achievements.

But Turing did something even more amazing. He had a theory that what appears to be chaos in nature was only a mask hiding the natural order. He was the first to think that there might be a mathematical order that defines nature. There is a mysterious aspect of morphogenesis. All cells of the embryo are identical. Then the cells begin to stick together and actually become different from each other. The puzzle was how the same cells can form different things, such as skin, eyes, brain or bones. There is no central command post.

Turing 1952 Morphogenesis

The phenomenon of morphogenesis is the essence of the mystery. This process becomes self-organization. Prior to Turning, absolutely no one had any idea how the process even worked. It was also the great mystery of life itself. It was Turning who published his mathematical explanation of morphogenesis on March 15, 1952 “Ides of March 3.14”. Turning’s formula was revealing because it revealed the secret order behind the mask of chaos. Despite the fact that he was one of the most brilliant minds of all time and all his merit even violated the German code, because he was a homosexual, the judge ordered him to be imprisoned or subjected to hormonal injections to cure him. He committed suicide on June 7, 1954 due to abuse by the government, which ignored all of his contributions.

What Turning discovered in nature was that there is a hidden order in which identical cells then change and become certain parts of the end result without any special coding. What seemed like simplistic formulas suddenly turned into complexity that baffled the human mind. This is what I found in economics. A secret loop that defines a complexity that we also can’t see with the naked eye.

This is why different cycles unfold in all sectors such as metals, commodities, stock markets, currencies, bonds, etc., and when they coincide, we get superposition events. I will explain more in my forthcoming book on the economic certainty model. One bubble will be in the real estate markets, for example 1792 and 2007-2009. Other bubbles have taken place in commodities, such as in 1919. However, others have taken place in currency markets and capital concentrations, such as the Nikkei peak in Japan in 1989 or the 1929 bubble in the US.

In 2020, we warned that this cycle would be a debt crisis wave, but also a commodity wave with rising inflation and interest rates until 2024. We must understand that each bubble is unique as it all depends on the cyclical aspect of that particular quadrant and whether it is consistent with the others to create the superwave that becomes the bubble.

We have a banking crisis right now because too many banks were just listening to the mainstream media and didn’t understand that interest rates were going to go up, not down. Since 2020, we have been warning that interest rates are at a 5,000-year low. A simple jump to 5% would be devastating. Many banks attend our conferences because they are sophisticated and don’t make hedging decisions based on the latest headlines on MSNBC.

I’m working hard to get Socrates to articulate complexity. I hope to roll it out this year – as soon as possible. My personal interpretation is generally accurate, but not always. What seemed to be prevailing due to the geopolitical events in April seems to be coupled with the banking crisis, and frankly, I couldn’t imagine the FDIC not even considering covering 85% of deposits. I didn’t even have to explain that this would mean that small businesses carry systemic risk across all banks. In fact, I had to explain that there would be a major banking crisis in April that would make the Great Depression look like a dress rehearsal.

Thus, this banking crisis does not seem to be over. It will still move to April 10th or so. The ICC then charged Putin with a criminal offense even though they themselves do not have such jurisdiction. They became another political tool of the neocons who decided to unleash the Third World War.

We have entered a period COMPLEXITY where we are not looking at one sector in the bubble. We are looking at a really dangerous contagion COMPLEXITY and neocons may care less about the economy. They control the White House and this is their chance and they NO retreat

God help mankind!