Cardi B denies husband Offset’s accusations of cheating

cardi b she is not up to accusations of infidelity, especially from her husband compensate.

WAPThe rapper has vehemently denied Offset’s allegations deleted instagram story Monday that his wife “fucked” someone.

IN Conversation on Twitter later that day Cardi used lyrics from Keyshia Cole“I had to cheat” to make her point.

“First of all, let me tell you, you can’t blame me for everything you know you’re guilty of.” Cardi said. “Sing with me, everyone! And I see that it’s easy for you to blame everything on me. Yes, honey! Listen, don’t pay any attention to this village man.”

She continued, “Come on now. I’m fucking Cardi B”, assuming that any romance with a “regular-degular-smegular” partner or someone “in the industry” will leak.

Offset was itself the subject of a hoax rumor five years ago. map protected him on social media at the time and said she warned Offset not to “pull that shit again” and “lose” it forever.

Cardi had previously accused Offset of a scam that rapper Migos apparently admitted to.
Cardi had previously accused Offset of a scam that rapper Migos apparently admitted to.

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“I participated in activities I shouldn’t have, and I apologize for breaking your heart, for breaking our promise, for breaking God’s promise, and for being a selfish, spoiled husband,” Offset said in the video. in December 2018.

Cardi files for divorce in September 2020 before canceling it. The year before, the Grammy winner had told Vogue she was a big proponent of “forgiveness” and “prayed” for their strife with the priests.

“When my husband and I ran into our problems – you know, he cheated and all that – and I decided to stay with him and work with him, a lot of people were so mad at me; many women are disappointed in me, she said to the outlet.

cardi, who gave birth to their second child in 2021set some clear boundaries on the topic.

“For me, monogamy it’s the only way,” she told Vogue. “I’ll kick your ass if you cheat on me.”