Broken Arrows Owners Still Complain About Kembla Grange Photo Finish

Broken Arrows owners are probably still reeling from the loss of their horse’s photo finish two weeks ago at Kembla Grange.

Everyone on the course, with the exception of local opposing coach Robert Price, felt that the Broken Arrows not only won, but that a photo finish was not even necessary, such was the obvious convenience of a winning lead.

Surprisingly, it was necessary, and Broken Arrows was stripped of the victory and the handful of its owners fell.


“I think they still hurt a little, but this is racing,” said coach David Pfeiffer.

“I think other horse owners and jockeys thought they were beaten too, but there’s not much we can do about it.”

What can beat the Broken Arrows at Rosehill on Saturday in race seven is his stablemate Soami.

The pair are third in the 1200m. Soami is third and Broken Arrows comes out of eighth.

“Both horses are doing very well and the difference between the last start is that one had a good gate and the other one had a bad one,” Pfeiffer said.

“This time it’s the other way around and it could be good luck for Soami.

“Luck on the run will play its part and Soami has the best net this time, while in the last two years he has been forced to retreat a couple further over the hurdles.

“Those who win the race will be ahead of us, so this will give us every chance to follow a good horse. It will be a question of whether these leaders will return to him or not.”

Pfeiffer said it was a competitive race with a range of odds including top weight.

“I thought Rainbow Connection was a good start in the past and Vreneli should go ahead,” Pfeiffer said.

It would seem that Broken Arrows is Pfeiffer’s best chance on paper, but that may not be the reality.

“Both of mine are doing great. One (Broken Arrows) looks like everything is going well and the other (Soami) looks like everything is going well, but that only reflects their runs,” Pfeiffer said.

“Soami crawls in the background, not looking impressive but does a good job while Broken Arrows has a form on the board.”

Originally published as Broken Arrows Owners Still Complain About Kembla Grange Photo Finish