BPI affiliates receive green building certification from IFC

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) announced that it has set a new milestone in the nation’s sustainable banking as BPI Iloilo Solis and BPI Loyola Katipunan became the first two banking branches to be certified as Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) World. Part of the International Finance Banking Group. corporations (IFC).

EDGE is a measurable green building certification that provides cost-effective strategies to reduce energy, water, and embodied energy in materials. BPI has three other affiliates in preparation for EDGE certification.

“Next year, we have planned the reconstruction of 25 branches in order to also pass the EDGE certification. This is part of our vision to lead the way in sustainable business practices in the Philippine banking industry and build a better Philippines – one family, one community at a time,” said BPI Head of Consumer Banking Maria Cristina L. Go.

BPI Iloilo Solis and BPI Loyola Katipunan affiliate certifications were issued by the Philippine Green Building Initiative, Inc. (PGBI), an IFC-accredited certification body.

In a recent joint letter, PGBI President and Chairman Leandro A. Conti and PGBI EDGE Program Director Ramon D. Aguilos congratulated BPI on the accomplishment, noting, “Our assessment confirms the auditor’s report that BPI’s Iloilo Solis resource-efficient design will result in a 22 percent reduction in energy , 23 percent water and 76 percent embodied material energy compared to the local baseline.”

Regarding BPI Loyola Katipunan, the PGBI assessment confirmed the auditor’s report that its “resource-efficient design would result in a 25 percent reduction in energy, 31 percent in water and 84 percent in material energy compared to the local baseline.”

Since 2017, BPI has been helping real estate project owners meet IFC EDGE resource efficiency standards. This is part of BPI’s longstanding commitment to incorporating sustainability into the conduct of business to create positive value for society and the environment.

In line with this, BPI also continues to capitalize on the power of technology, using a phygital approach—a combination of physical and digital channels—to provide banking customers with a broader range of services and experiences. With cutting-edge digital capabilities, the bank enables customers to consciously support sustainable development through paperless banking, thereby reducing their carbon footprint.

As a result of its cutting-edge sustainability innovation, as of October 2022, BPI has won eight (8) sustainability-related awards, the most in a year by a Philippine bank.