Blitzboxes ready to fix things in Sydney – Soyizwapi

The SA Sevens team, Blitzboks, will be looking to catch up on last weekend’s New Zealand Sevens tournament when they are eliminated in Sydney this weekend.

This is the opinion of Captain Sivive Soyizvapi, who said that Hamilton after death earlier this week was brutal but fair and much needed for the Springbok Sevens team.

Last round Sevens World Series kicks off Friday at the Allianz Stadium in Sydney.

“Accountability and Responsibility”

“After that, we can look each other in the eyes again, as everyone acknowledged when we did this post-tournament analysis,” Soyizwapi said.

“We analyzed what happened in Hamilton, took responsibility and took responsibility. The players had to take it on the chin; it was clear in the reviews that we were neglecting the system and that the mistakes we made were our own.

“Once we accept this, we can look each other in the eyes again and now we can have a positive outlook on the future. Sydney“.

Size Issues

Veteran 44 years old. Sevens World Series Tournament believes that comments about the size of his teammates are inappropriate.

“Physically we may not be the biggest team, but it has always been that way,” said Soyizwapi.

“Some of the so-called smaller players have represented this team at great heights in the past and those who are here now will be no exception. Your heart size matters and we need to show it this weekend.”

Soizwapi moves to strikers, which means less playing time than when he played on the wing and stayed on the field most of the time.

“I need to get used to it, but I don’t mind it,” he said.

“We have some good leaders in the team, so when I’m not on the field, they take over. With Selwyn[Davids]being replaced by James[Murphy]from last weekend, that means I’ll be back on the wing for this tournament so I’ll probably have more time on the pitch.”

Whether he plays or not, the captain’s opinion remains the same: “Whatever the team looks like on the field, they should represent the badge and express the culture of the team. We need to show that from the very first match against Kenya and keep it up until the very last game.”

Blitzboks pool matches (South African time):

Friday, January 27
6:06 am: Kenya

Saturday 28 January
12:44 pm: Uruguay
6:49 am: New Zealand