Biden gives Daily Show host Cal Penn Blunt advice about marrying his fiancée Josha

the president Joe Biden proposed Kal Penn some practical advice about marrying your longtime fiancee: “Do it now. Do not wait”.

The President was interviewed by Penn, the Indian-American actor best known for his role in the films Harold & Kumar, for an episode of The Daily Show that aired on Monday. Penn came out in 2021, revealing that he was engaged to his 11-year-old partner Josh, whom he says he fell in love with while working at Barack Obama administration

In December, Biden codified same-sex and interracial marriages into law by signing the Respect for Marriage Act. Penn asked the president how he came to support marriage equality.

Biden recalled that once, when he was a high school student, he had an “epiphany” when he saw two men kissing on their way to work.

“And I will never forget, I turned and looked at my dad. He said, “Joey, it’s easy. They love each other,” Biden said. “It is so simple”.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a same-sex or heterosexual couple, they should be able to get married,” he later added. “What’s the problem? So listen to your aunt and uncle and get married. Do it now. Don’t wait.”

Penn and Josh have been engaged for five years, and Josh has not been publicly reported, including his last name.

Penn joked during an interview that “all the aunts and uncles that I have are very disappointed that the wedding has not happened yet.”

In 2021, he said he was pushing for a “huge Indian wedding”.

“Obviously I’m engaged to a man and our families will be there for the wedding,” he said at the time. “The big controversy right now is whether it’s going to be a big wedding or a tiny wedding.”

Watch the full interview below.