Berlin holds partial election rerun, two years after polling debacle

The German capital called up over half a million citizens to recast their ballot on Sunday.


Berlin’s 2021 Bundestag election was partially repeated on February 11, following a decision from the Federal Constitutional Court.

The country’s highest German court found that a significant number of errors occurred during the initial ballot, two and a half years ago.

Some votes went missing, some had incorrect ballot papers and there were queues of people waiting outside polling stations after the polls had closed. Therefore, some people didn’t get to vote, while others were casting their ballots despite results already being published.

Consequently, around 550,000 Berliners were called upon to vote once more on Sunday.

While parties such as the centre-right CDU and the far-right AfD saw a slight increase in their percentage points (1.3 and 1 respectively), those in the government coalition saw a drop in theirs.

Voter turnout was also considerably lower than in a ‘normal’ federal election.

However, once all the votes were counted, the majority in the Bundestag did not change.