Basketball great Andrew Gaze makes a blunder during the hit AFL show on Fox Footy.

Basketball great Andrew Geise is one of the most likeable and affable personalities on television, but no one is immune to the occasional gaffe on live television.

Just ask Gerard Healy or Tony Armstrong.

Now, Gaze, 57, may add his name to the list after his efforts during Fox Footy. Bounce program on Sunday evening.

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During his “Turn It Up” segment, Gaze began by creating a video clip of a man testing the limits of his genitals.

“When it comes to doing those really gross tricks that are out there, it’s much better to leave it up to the youth,” Gaze begins.

“Because the minds of young people are not yet fully developed.

“We know that in men, the testicles are the most sensitive area. Why on earth would you even want to check who has the strongest testicles?

You can probably guess where this is going.

Cut to a video of someone throwing a watermelon from a very high platform right at the man, who naturally has his feet spread on the ground below.

However, this was not Gaze’s viral moment. It happened when he tried to summarize what we all just saw.

“Now there are certain things where you want to test the limits of human ability,” he said.

“A competition to see who can take on the biggest dick, ah, the biggest success.”

The gaze stops and makes a face, the rest of the panel is briefly silent before the audience starts to laugh.

So Gaze tries again.

“Seeing who can land the biggest hit on the maggots is not a lot of fun.”

Gaze’s slip puts him on a par with Armstrong and Healy.

Healy’s gaffe went viral around the world in 2013 when he stumbled while trying to say “Gold Coast Suns” but ended up combining “Coast” with “Suns”.

This became a team known as the “Golden c-word”.

Then Eddie McGuire tried to hide the fact that he used the same c-word to describe Kane Cornes on live television the following year.

It seems to be a problem that affects people associated with the AFL.

Former Crows, Swans and Collingwood player Armstrong tripped over the term “bulging disc” in 2021 when reporting live on ABC about the health of then-Australian cricket captain Tim Payne.

This, of course, became “protruding dick” in another viral moment.

Originally published as Andrew Gaze joins the stable of television people who commit an unfortunate gaffe on the air.