Audio Globalization Startups: ollang

Ollang is a Turkish tech startup focused on artificial intelligence (AI) audio solutions. The company describes its service as end-to-end human-assisted artificial intelligence localization, meaning it can translate audio or written content into virtually any localized language. This means content can be accurately translated for use in another market without compromising the quality of the content or requiring new localized content to be recorded.

Ollang provides both subtitles and audio globalization, stating that it “combines human intelligence with AI automation”, resulting in what it calls “Ollang’s augmented intelligence”. The service aims to be one of the most accurate and authentic AI duplication services, bringing localized content as closely as possible to the original. The company works with individual influencers, network and radio broadcasters, large companies, etc. A full list of services can be found on the official website listed above.

Image Credit: Ollang