Attendance decreased by 4.0% compared to 2019; Conference traffic fell by 24.9%

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Note: I like to use Las Vegas as a recovery measure for both leisure (visitors) and business (conventions).

From the Las Vegas Visitors Authority: Las Vegas visitor statistics, January 2023

With a good weekend and recovering conference attendance, including the citywide CES, World of Concrete, and SHOT show, Las Vegas received about 3,275,000 attendees in January, up from January 2022 % to January 2019.

The total occupancy of hotels for the month reached 79.1%, +19.8 p.p. year on year and -4.9 p.p. less than the previous month. 2019. Weekend occupancy reached 88.4%, almost the same as January 2019 (88.8%, -0.4 points), while mid-week occupancy reached 75.2%, +23.2 points compared to 2019. January 2022, but -6.9 points compared to 2022 January 2019.

The continued trend of high room prices continued in January as ADR approached $192, +32% year-on-year and +22.4% compared to January 2019, and RevPAR topped $151, +76% year-on-year and + 15.3% compared to 2019.

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The first graph shows visitor traffic for 2019 (black), 2020 (cyan), 2021 (purple), 2022 (orange), and 2023 (red).

Attendance decreased by 4.0% compared to the same month in 2019.

Attendance increased by 32.3% compared to January last year.

The second graph shows conventional traffic.

Las Vegas visitors

Convention traffic decreased by 24.9% compared to January 2019, but increased by 72.0% compared to January 2022.

Note. From April 2020 to May 2021, there was practically no traffic at the conventions.