Andrew Tate is threatened 23 hours a day in “a cockroach-infested hell hole in a Romanian prison cell.”

Andrew Tate faces 23 hours a day in a hellish prison full of cockroaches after being taken into custody.

The scandalous influencer and his brother were arrested Thursday after police ransacked their palatial Romanian mansion. The sun reports.

They are under investigation for kidnapping two young women from their villa in Voluntari.

Tate and his brother will now be held in a “detention center” in Romania for 30 days after Friday’s custody hearing.

The prison has not been named, but previous reports have exposed living conditions for prisoners in the country.

One, carried out by the Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, hit prisons in the country.

Under Romanian law, prisoners are only allowed one hour a day of “outdoor recreation”, which they can use for exercise or reading.

A damning report showed that most prisoners remain locked up for 23 hours a day in their squalid cells.

And the one-hour exercise period takes place in a “small room with almost no natural light.”

“Material conditions in all the prisons visited were generally poor, the cells were dilapidated, they lacked equipment (storage space, tables and chairs), and mattresses and bedding were worn out and infested with bed bugs and cockroaches,” the report says.

This also explains why prisoners complain the most about the lack of hot water and heating during the harsh Romanian winters.

Another report claimed that prisoners were being mistreated by guards.

“There have been a significant number of allegations of mistreatment of prisoners by prison staff,” the agency added.

“The report details several allegations of physical abuse, including sexual abuse by staff, and raises serious concerns about the lack of injury reporting by the health service and the failure to effectively investigate allegations.”

Even those who were not convicted claimed that after their arrest they were victims of “slaps, punches, kicks and batons by police officers”.

The grim portrait is nothing like Tate’s luxurious lifestyle.

On Thursday, Romania’s Organized Crime and Terrorism Investigation Authority (DIICOT) said in a statement that the men lured the victims using the “lover’s method.”

They claimed to love women and intended to marry them.

DIICOT reported that the female victims were then taken to buildings in the Ilfov district on the outskirts of Bucharest, where they were subjected to “sexual exploitation by members of the gang.”

Police say the suspects used “physical abuse and mental coercion” and that the victims were forced to film pornographic videos for distribution on social media.

This is the second time Tate’s home has been ransacked as part of an investigation, after police arrived at his door back in April.

Both Tate brothers deny the charges against them and are expected to file an appeal next week against the decision to place them in custody.

This article originally appeared on The sun and reproduced with permission

Originally published as Andrew Tate is threatened 23 hours a day in “a cockroach-infested hell hole in a Romanian prison cell.”