Amazon Prime Video makes fun of Netflix over its new password sharing policy

Amazon Prime Video torn Netflix about his new password sharing policy in a tweet that went viral on Thursday.

The streaming service targeted the company in 2017, saying that “love share password,” exchange Netflix has since discouraged U.S. account holders from doing so, as it began limiting accounts to “single family use” this week.

Prime Video UK Twitter The account, in a tweet intended for Netflix, shared an image of a streaming profiles page with the caption “Who’s watching? To everyone who has our password ❤️.”

Prime Video tweet as of Saturday morning, it has garnered over 43 million views, 78,000 retweets, and 576,000 likes.

The tweet came just days after Netflix. on the blog on Tuesdayreminded account holders that “everyone who lives” in the household can use the streaming service on the go or at home.

The streaming service added that people can migrate their profiles to “a new subscription they pay for” or “buy an additional member” for an additional $7.99 per month if someone lives outside of their household.

Netflix, which laid out its overclocking plans In February, it is planned to limit the addition of additional members to accounts using the Standard ($15.49 per month) and Premium ($19.99 per month) plans, Mashable noted.

blockbusterwhich had one retail store after filing for bankruptcy in 2010, also mocked the streaming service. I once bought it in 2000.

“A friendly reminder that when you rented a video from us. We didn’t care who you shared it with… As long as you got it back on time. @netflix,” wrote Blockbuster.