Albert Park, Victoria: Suspected gastro outbreak seen after Melbourne wedding

Authorities are investigating after dozens of guests became ill after attending a Melbourne wedding on Saturday night.

The suspected outbreak of gastroenteritis occurred after a wedding at The Park venue in Albert Park, where it’s understood approximately 300 people attended.

In the wake of the couple’s happy day, some of their guests experienced fever, nausea and vomiting.

The Victorian Department of Health is now investigating the suspected gastro outbreak.

“The department is aware of a gastroenteritis outbreak involving guests who attended an Albert Park reception centre on Saturday,” a spokesman said.

“We’re working with Port Phillip Council to investigate the source of the outbreak and to ensure all appropriate infection prevention and control measures are in place.”

The venue is working with authorities to determine what caused the outbreak.

“We are working closely with event guests and with council to determine the cause of the outbreak,” The Park told the Herald Sun in a statement.

It’s not believed the illness experienced by the wedding guests is linked to the current outbreak of listeria in NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

Originally published as Major suspected gastro outbreak leaves guests sick after wedding in Albert Park