AI tools for code review: testgpt

“TestGPT” is a future generative artificial intelligence tool for code integrity. The tool was created by Codium AI and is based on ChatGPT OpenAI. It is designed to help developers test their code by offering developers automatically generated software test suites to speed up coding and error scanning, starting with Python and JavaScript. TestGPT works by parsing newly written code, docstring, and comments as the developer works, and then suggesting which tests should be run to ensure the functionality and integrity of that code.

The system uses generative artificial intelligence models and is focused on checking the correctness of the code in accordance with the desired specification. It is designed to provide high code integrity so that developers can develop faster. Codium AI, the company behind TestGPT, is a code quality startup that is coming out of stealth mode with the launch of beta testing of its AI-powered generative tool.

Image Credit: Shutterstock